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10 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

February 18th, 2014

Planning a wedding is an experience like no other.

No matter how many birthday, anniversary, or graduation parties you have planned, a wedding is an event that is set apart.

Aside from professional wedding planners, most of us don't plan very many weddings in our lifetime.

Fortunately, we can learn from the wedding planning mistakes of others.

Check out these 10 common wedding planning mistakes; you can let the mistakes of others show you what you should and shouldn't do for your own special day.

  1. Don't spend your entire clothing budget on your wedding gown.
    There will be charges for tax and possibly shipping. There will also be charges for alterations to your gown, which could be several hundred dollars. You will also need to set aside funds for a veil, headpiece or tiara, shoes, undergarments, and jewelry. Of course, this doesn't include your groom's clothing, either. Make sure that you are allotting for all of the clothing items that you will need, not just the gown.
  2. Don't get committed to a certain type of flower.
    No florist can guarantee that a certain type of flower will be available for your wedding; they just can't control the weather and the supply. Instead, create a broader vision for your wedding. Think about what colors and shapes you want, and then your florist has a little more room to work with you. It's a good idea to include in your contract your first choice of flower type as well as some backup options.
  3. Don't send out save-the-date announcements too early.
    If you send them out a year in advance, you may find as the date approaches that your guest list changes. Send your save-the-dates just a few months before the wedding, or if you must send them sooner, only send them to family and those who you are absolutely sure you will be inviting.
  4. Don't forgot a videographer to cut costs.
    Photos are fantastic, but there will be some moments that you want to capture in action. It all seems like a lot of money now, but years in the future, you will be glad to have that video.
  5. Don't go bridezilla on your vendors.
    Remember, they are professionals. They do this every day. You, however, have probably never done this before. Make sure they understand your vision, and then step back and let them do their jobs.
  6. Don't choose your bridesmaids too early.
    Your friendships can change, and the people who were once closest to you might not be so close next year. You need to be able to rely on these people in stressful situations, so choose carefully.
  7. Don't share every detail of your plans with everyone you meet.
    If you want your guests to be wowed by your wedding, the details need to come as a surprise to them. Blabbing can also create awkwardness if you are sharing information with people who may not be invited.
  8. Don't wait too long to start your hair and makeup.
    It will take longer than you think. You can always touch up shortly before the ceremony.
  9. Don't rush through your photo session.
    Give yourself at least an hour to 90 minutes so that you can relax and get some really great photos.
  10. Don't hire a friend to provide services instead of a professional vendor.
    You want your friends to relax and enjoy the wedding with you, and you want your photos, video, and music to be provided by an experienced pro.

  11. As you are planning your wedding, be sure to contact 5 Star Limousine to schedule your wedding transportation.

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