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A Guy's Perspective on Preparing for Prom

December 31st, 2012

Most high school students in their junior or senior years of school are looking forward to prom. Some students in lower grades look forward to it too if they happen to know an upper classman. Of course most of the time, girls are the ones who obviously get excited about the prom, but believe it or not, guys do too. Here's a guys' guide to preparing for prom.

  1. Get the perfect date – There are books written about how to ask a girl out, but at the end of the day, every guy has his own style. Not all girls like the same kinds of things, so chances are, if your date likes the way you ask her (and she probably does if she says yes), then she probably likes your style too.
  2. Rent the right tuxedo – You don't want to show up for prom looking like a slob. No girl would be impressed if you didn't look your best. You should ask your date what color she will be wearing so that you can plan to match your tie to her dress. Also you need to know because hopefully you'll be ordering her a corsage, and you'll really impress her if you can manage to pick out flowers that match her dress.
  3. Get the right ride – The greatest idea for riding to prom is to rent a prom limo for you, your date, and all your friends. Prom should never be celebrated alone, so this is the perfect night to get a little bit crazy and enjoy not driving for once. You should call around to several limousine companies and ask for specifics about the vehicles they offer. Make sure that you're comparing apples to apples. You'll definitely want a newer vehicle if you're going to impress your date and all your friends. Split the cost of the fee and collect everyone's money up front so that you can book the vehicle.
  4. Plan for a great dinner – Make sure that your limousine driver knows where you plan to eat on prom night. Some guys prefer a romantic dinner with only their date, while others prefer a larger group celebration before the big party starts at the prom. You should discuss this with your date to see what you can agree on because different girls have different ideas about what they expect on prom night.

Remember that some girls start planning for prom very early, so you don't want to be late. Also don't forget that getting the perfect vehicle could be a challenge if you wait until the last second. All of the best limousine companies tend to book up quickly during prom season because all of the schools have their proms around the same time of the year. So call ahead and book early if you want to have a vehicle that will stun all of your friends and your date.

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