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What Brides Forget to Do After the Wedding Ceremony

May 22nd, 2014

You spend months planning your wedding, down to the very last detail. But when the big day comes around, many brides forget to do some of the most basic things.

Check out this list to help you avoid forgetting these things on your wedding day.

1. After the ceremony, use the bathroom. Brides often get swept up in the receiving line after the ceremony and end up being ushered in to the waiting limo without even getting to use the bathroom. But between the ceremony and the reception, you will have to take pictures, greet everyone, and get ready for your first dance. There won’t be much time to sneak off to the bathroom. Before you get in the limo, find a bridesmaid to help you with your dress and take a potty break.

2. Touch up your makeup. You had your makeup done in the morning or afternoon before the ceremony, but you’ve probably wiped at your eyes and maybe shed a few tears since then. Before you go off to take pictures, touch up your makeup. You don’t want mascara on your cheeks in your wedding album.

3. Take a moment alone with your new husband. You’ll be surrounded by all your friends and family all day, but you should have a moment together for just the two of you. After all, that’s what this day is about. Steal away to a quiet place together, even if it is just for five minutes.

4. Eat some foods! Many brides realize after the wedding is over that they never even got to eat dinner because they were so busy greeting their guests, having photos taken, and being pulled in different directions. Eat a good breakfast in the morning since you’ll have a busy day, and be sure to sit down and try to enjoy your dinner at the reception.

5. Bring a comfy pair of shoes. Heels will sink into the grass while you’re taking photos outside, and they aren’t exactly friendly for dancing the night away. Bring along a pair of flats that will make your feet happy.

6. Remove your veil. If you don’t intend to wear it all night, then right after the ceremony is usually the most convenient time to take it off. Ask someone to help you so you don’t mess up your hair in the process.

7. Put on your engagement ring. You’ll have to remove it for the ceremony so that the groom can put your wedding band on, but make sure to put it back on after the ceremony. This way, you show off the beautiful pair together.

8. Take in the view. Since the bride usually avoids seeing the groom before the wedding, she often doesn’t see the ceremony space until she walks down the aisle. At that point, you may be so overwhelmed with emotion that you don’t even notice the décor. After the ceremony, take a moment to look around and enjoy the details that you spent so much time planning.

9. Take a moment to say thank you to your parents and bridal party. Of course, you can publicly thank them with a toast, but it is nice to spend a personal moment together aside from the chaos of the day.

10. Collect mementos. Gather up the unity candle, extra favors, and programs. You’ll want to have these items to keep for the future.

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