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Arrive to Your Bachelor Party with Stretched Limousine

July 23rd, 2013

With the wedding approaching, the excitement will be building for the bachelor or bachelorette party, but how can you ensure that it is extra special. Why not consider hiring a limo? A limousine is one of the best and most stylist methods of transportation. They are fully equipped with up to date sound systems, flat screen televisions and can even feature party lighting, bars and DVD players. Party buses and stretch limos can accommodate larger parties, allowing a great party atmosphere to develop as you travel to clubs, bars or other venues in ultimate style and comfort. This can ensure that your bachelor or bachelorette party is a great night to remember.

Hiring a limousine for your party is a great idea for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Making it Unique: Many parties end up visiting the same venues which you have used for other parties or nights out. This is usually because of the complications which arise when trying to relocate a large number of guests out of town. However a limousine service can allow you to make your party unique. Many companies offer packages which allow you to tailor your evening to travel to different venues or even organize a mini road trip. Since the limousine itself makes a fantastic venue, you won't waste any partying time when you are travelling. You can play your favorite type of music, watch events or sports or even just relax and catch up. Whatever your ideal party, you can make it unique with a limousine.
  • Be Assured of Safety: Once the party atmosphere gets building, even the most responsible of people can be tempted to have a drink or two. This can then leave some members of the party without their designated driver and transportation. A limousine removes this risk. All party members can simply relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about drinking limits, designated drivers or the safety of their vehicle.
  • No Missing Guests: When you have a large group of people travelling to different bars or clubs, it is inevitable that someone will go missing. This is usually due to splitting up into different taxicabs but with a limousine everyone travels in one vehicle. The limousine also makes a great rendezvous point, making it easy to check everyone is with you before setting off to the next party location.
  • Convenience: Many companies offer specialist packages which can be tailored to suit the requirements of your party. This allows for a specific number of pick-ups and stops in your evening. You can then easily travel to a variety of different venues without the frustration of numerous waits for taxi cabs. This means that if a particular club is not creating the right party atmosphere, there is no need to stick it out. You can simply pile back into the limo and move on.
  • Bigger Party, Bigger Fun: Limousines can accommodate a great number of passengers, with some vehicles able to accommodate up to thirty guests. This means that you don't need to restrict your guest list and can create an even bigger event.

Established limousine companies will usually offer a dedicated hire package for bachelor or bachelorette parties. Reputable companies also ensure they use the highest standard of chauffeur drivers which ensures that they not only treat you like a celebrity but they have great local knowledge of the hottest party venues and events. This can ensure that everyone has a great night and will be anxious for the next engagement announcement.

If you would like to learn more about limousine packages for bachelor or bachelorette parties and whether they could accommodate the needs of your party, contact us. We have a variety of limousine models in our fleet and would be delighted to help you in making your party a spectacular and memorable occasion.

5 Star Limousine provide limousine services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you need a stretch limousine for your bachelor party, or special transportation for a party or big event, we'll be there. You can also choose from a variety of options inside their vehicles, like a flat screen TV, bar, DVD player, leather seats, and even fiber optic lighting. Check out our limousine fleet.

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