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Bachelorette Party Planning Tips for the Maid of Honor

April 10th, 2014

As the maid of honor for your friend’s wedding, you have responsibilities to attend to.

In addition to standing by her side as she weds the man of her dreams, it is also your job to stand by her side while she parties her hardest at the bachelorette party.

And, oh, yeah – you’re supposed to plan the bachelorette party, too.

This may be your first planning a bachelorette party, leaving you wondering where to begin.

Use these helpful bachelorette party planning tips to get you started.

Involve the Bride

Planning the party is the responsibility of the maid of honor, but you can involve the bride in the process. It used to be considered bad etiquette to discuss the party plans with the bride, but it is now common practice – and even encouraged.

While you shouldn’t ask the bride to actually make the plans herself, you should ask what she would like to do for the party. Does she want a wild party complete with drinking and dancing on the bar, or would she rather do something a little more serene, like a trip to the spa?

It’s all about making sure that your friend can relax and have a great time. Be sure to choose a date that is best for the bride, too. She probably doesn’t want a late night out the day before her wedding.

Get Help

You don’t have to take care of every detail yourself. Ask the other bridesmaids to pitch in and help take care of the details.

While you handle making reservations, another bridesmaid can pick up bottles of wine and someone else can bring snacks. Most people are more than willing to help out if you just ask.

Set a Budget

Talk to the people involved about what they can afford to spend, and keep that in mind as you are making plans. Be very clear with everyone about what their contribution is and how much they owe so that you don’t get stuck with the bill.

Don’t forget to include all the costs in the total; make sure that you calculate the total cost of the limo, dinner, and spa treatments, and let everyone know their share weeks in advance.

The best way to go is to ask everyone to pay ahead of time so that you have all the money together and don’t get stuck with the bill at the end of the night. You can ask friends to send you a payment by Paypal or drop off cash before the party.

Keep it real

A wild weekend in Vegas can be a lot of fun, but it can also be expensive and exhausting. You don’t have to go that big. Instead, keep the party close to home.

Get a limo to pick everyone up so that you can relax and drink a bottle of champagne and not have to worry about driving or dealing with traffic and parking. Hit up the hottest spots in your own town, and then crash in your own bed that night.

Get to Know Each Other

A bachelorette party can be awkward if the college friends don’t know the work friends and they don’t know the family friends. Ask the bride to introduce everyone so that you can all get to know each other and have a fun night together.

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