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Business Travel Tips, from packing to transportation

August 26th, 2013

Travelling on business can be stressful. You may be working in an unfamiliar area with people you don't know and be away from your family. However, planning the trip properly can minimize the stress of travelling, leaving you free to concentrate on the more important aspects of your trip. After the basics of confirming your flight details and hotel reservation, there are several things that you can do to ensure you have a successful business trip.

Pack Correctly

Packing correctly is the most effective step to make your business travel to Toronto less stressful. You may find it easier to use two smaller sized bags rather than one large case. This can be challenging to negotiate with when you arrive at your destination and need to sort out paperwork. Some people like to combine their business travel with leisure activities, but this can sometimes cause additional stress. If you are planning other types of activity, you will need to plan for different clothing needs. Remember to check out the weather trends in the area you are travelling to, so you can pack accordingly with warmer clothing and an umbrella if necessary. Take some casual clothing and shoes for when you are not working and remember to pack extra items including a spare shirt in case of an accident. It would be a little embarrassing to spill coffee on your shirt on your last day and not have a replacement.

Devices and Gadgets

When you are travelling for business, you will probably need access to your email and internet quite frequently. Check that your hotel has internet access and ensure that your mobile roaming is activated through your cell phone service provider. Most people on business travel to Toronto remember that they will need their laptop and cell phone, but don't forget your chargers and any adaptors which may be needed. It is always best to ensure your phone is charged fully before you leave home in case of any problems. It is also advisable to carry a spare USB storage device to allow you to back up any work you complete while away, or alternatively take advantage of cloud storage options to allow remote access to your data.


While no-one anticipates taking ill while they are travelling, it is best to be prepared. Carry some basic medications which you would have on hand when you are normally at home, such as pain killers and antihistamines in addition to any routine prescribed medication. This will allow you the confidence to know that even in a medical situation; you should be covered for basic challenges.

Take Care of Yourself

Before you set off for your business trip, ensure that you get enough rest and eat sensibly. This will help you to feel active and well even after you have endured a long journey. Try to avoid alcohol before and during your journey as this can make you feel dehydrated and sleepy. Carry a book or a couple of magazines to avoid being bored and restless.

Plan Your Transportation

It is also sensible to plan your transportation in advance. Relying on taxicabs and public transportation can add to your stress levels during business travel to Toronto. They can be a little unreliable and make you late for meetings or appointments. Many business travellers hire a car from the airport. This does provide you with more freedom and independence. However, you should consider the parking arrangements at your hotel and be prepared for navigating around an unfamiliar city. You may also have issues trying to find parking for the hire car when you are attending appointments. The other option which is increasing in popularity with business travellers is using a limousine car service. These services can be tailored to accommodate your needs and allow you access to a chauffeur driven vehicle when you require it.

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