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How to Choose a Wedding Caterer

January 27th, 2014

Choosing a caterer is an important step in planning your wedding. In fact, for most weddings, the catering is the biggest expense of the entire event.

This makes it particularly important to choose your wedding caterer carefully. There are two major things that you should look for in a caterer.

The first is professionalism. The caterer should be reliable, organized, and professional. The second key factor in choosing a caterer is, of course, the food.

The food should be exactly what you want and taste great. Ask these questions to help you select the perfect wedding caterer for your big day.

  1. What is your specialty? Your caterer may specialize in Italian, French, Southern barbecue, or Greek food. If you want a unique meal or something that is personal and special, this is the time to find out if the caterer can provide that for you.
  2. Will you provide a tasting? Don't ever hire a caterer without tasting their food. Don't assume that the food will be good; make sure that it is. Also, be sure that the tasting includes the exact foods that will be served at your wedding. It doesn't matter if the caterer makes a great steak if you will be serving fish.
  3. What do you charge? Make sure that you know the prices and what the price includes. In some cases, services are provided at a flat rate, while other caterers may charge based upon your food selections. There may also be extra fees for equipment like tablecloths and dishes as well as taxes and gratuity. Check and find out what the grand total will be including all extras so that you don't get any surprises later on.
  4. What services do you provide at the wedding reception? Sometimes the caterer will also serve as banquet manager and take care of things such as telling everyone when it is time to sit down for dinner or cut the cake. If your caterer does not take care of these things, find out if someone from the venue will do it or if you need to have a wedding planner.
  5. What equipment do you supply? The caterer may or may not provide a litany of items, including everything from tables and chairs to plates and silverware. Make sure you know whether these items will be provided by the caterer or the venue and whether you will be charged extra for these items.
  6. Who will attend my wedding? The person that you meet with to plan the catering services should be the same person who attends your wedding and coordinates service. This eliminates the possibility of issues arising from miscommunication.
  7. Do you supply wait staff? You need to know whether the caterer or the venue will provide wait staff and whether there is an additional charge for the wait staff. Don't hesitate to ask what the wait staff will wear, as well.
  8. Do you make special meals for guests who have dietary restrictions? The odds are high that you will have at least a few guests who require a meal that is vegetarian or suitable for food allergies. Your caterer should be happy to meet these requirements and have a system for ensuring that these special meals are delivered to your guests without any confusion.

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