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A Guideline to Engagement Photos

March 10th, 2014

Engagement photos are well worth the time and money that it takes to get them.

You can submit them to the local newspaper to include in your engagement announcement.

You can use them in save-the-date cards or wedding favors, and give them as gifts to your family.

Here is your basic guideline to engagement photos.


Take a selfie as soon as you get engaged! This is the perfect time to commemorate your excitement and share it with the world.

Within about a month after you get engaged, you should schedule an engagement photo session. If you plan to use the photo for a newspaper announcement, check the newspaper’s website for rules about the type of pose or photo quality that is required.

If you plan to use the photos for save-the-date cards, you should have them taken at least eight months prior to the wedding so that you can send the save-the-dates six months before the wedding.

Why Get Engagement Photos?

There are some obvious reasons to get engagement photos – you can use them in announcements, favors, and give them as gifts.

One important aspect of engagement photos that couples tend to overlook is the opportunity to get a trial run with the photographer. When you choose a photographer, you will likely choose that person without actually having any photos taken by them.

When you get engagement photos done, it gives you a preview of what to expect at the wedding and lets you see a glimpse of their work. It’s also a good opportunity for the photographer to try out poses, angles, and lighting.

If you haven’t selected a wedding photographer yet, your engagement photos serve as a good audition for your top choice. Many photographers include the engagement photo session in their package.

Poses & Styles

Your first step should be talking with your fiancée about what type of engagement photos you have in mind. You could go with more formal, posed photos, or casual, candid photos.

Think about how you will use the photos, too. Will they be blown up and hung on a wall, shrunk down and placed on a magnet for a wedding favor, or published in the newspaper?

Check out these options for your engagement photos.

1. Go outside. You could go for photos in a local park, a botanical garden, or the streets of your favorite city.

2. Have your photos taken at home. Avoid the bedroom, which could be a little too personal and weird. Photos of you cooking together in the kitchen or sitting on the front porch of your new home could be just right.

3. Try the spot where you met, had your first date, or got engaged. Make your engagement photos personal by having them taken in sites that are significant to your relationship.

4. Don’t forget the close-ups. A beautiful background is great, but it’s good to have some close-ups in your arsenal, as well. You’ll need these for announcements and such.


Avoid busy patterns on your clothing for your photos. Bright, solid colors are best. Black and white don’t photograph particularly well.

Try choosing a neutral and adding a couple coordinating colors. Keep your jewelry simple, with the main focus on your ring.

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