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Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

May 22nd, 2014

Planning a wedding can be really overwhelming. By the time the actual wedding day rolls around, you might be exhausted and overwhelmed.

“Don’t let the chaos get to you; after all, that preparation was all for this one special day. “

Don’t worry about little things like chair decorations right now. Instead, focus on making sure that you actually enjoy your wedding day.

Follow these tips to help you out.

1. Get plenty of sleep. Don’t have your bachelorette party the night before your wedding. Have it a week or two in advance so that you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed on your wedding day.

2. Eat a good breakfast. You have a busy day ahead. Between the ceremony and pictures and getting to the reception, you won’t have much time for a snack. Have a big breakfast full of protein and complex carbs to keep you going through the day.

3. Don’t rush. Allow plenty of time to get ready so that you can enjoy that time with your bridal party instead of feeling stressed about running late.

4. Dress appropriately for hair and makeup. If you are going to a salon to have your hair and makeup done, wear a button down shirt. This way, you can take your shirt off without messing up your hairdo. If your stylist is coming to you, you can wear a comfy robe while you get done up.

5. Break your shoes in ahead of time. You don’t want your feet to hurt on your wedding day, so wear your shoes around the house for a while and let them get comfy. Have another comfy pair for the reception, like Toms or even slippers.

6. Go easy on the fragrance. If your wedding will be outdoors, remember that perfume can attract bugs. An overload of perfume can also make you feel queasy, which isn’t the feeling that you want when you are walking down the aisle.

7. Use a wedding planner. There aren’t many other tips that can do as much to cut down on your stress level as this. If you can’t afford a planner for the entire process, at least get one for the day of the ceremony. She’ll take care of the details so that you can enjoy the day. If you can’t swing that, enlist your bridesmaids to help take care of some of the details.

8. Prepare a wedding day survival kit ahead of time, or ask your maid of honor to do it. This kit can include things like hairspray, deodorant, bobby pins, a sewing kit, tampons, a stain remover pen, and Advil.

9. Take some pictures while you’re getting ready. It’s nice to have a few more casual shots to go along with the professional photos. After that, put your phone away. There is nothing happening on Facebook that is more important than your wedding day.

10. Plan a deep breath moment. Ask your officiant to give you a moment where you can just stop, look out at all your loved ones, and take it all in.

11. Don’t drink too much. Go ahead and drink it up at your friends’ weddings, but ease up on the champagne on your own big day. You want to be able to remember this clearly.

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