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Exploring the Cadillac Escalade SUV Limousine

August 22nd, 2013

Many people have a particular image of limousines and may be totally unaware of the diversity which is available in many limousine fleets. Cadillac's are actually some of the most popular types of limousine. There are a number of limousine models based on the Deville, CTS sedan and the Escalade. Since in the past Cadillac was the symbol of American style and luxury, it only seems fitting that they are enjoying a renaissance.This revival of interest has been seen across the entire fleet, with the CTS sedan even being a presidential choice of vehicle.

The Cadillac Escalade SUV has become a very popular choice in limousine. It has all the trademark luxury and bold styling that you would expect from a Cadillac but with a massive four hundred horsepower engine, spacious interior and many other features which make it a superb limousine for any occasion.

Features of the Escalade SUV Limousine

The Cadillac Escalade SUV has a great many features which make it a perfect limousine. The vehicle features a V-8 engine which usually has a six liter capacity and is paired with a smooth six speed automatic transmission. This equates to a greater horsepower than a Range Rover, Lincoln Navigator and Infiniti QX56. This powerhouse of a vehicle can comfortably handle any challenges the highway may present without compromising on its performance. However, it isn't just power and performance which make it an excellent limousine.

You will also find that it has a very spacious interior which will allow you to relax in complete luxury and comfort. The vehicle features over one hundred cubic feet of cargo space which means that you, your guests and any luggage can be comfortably accommodated. The Escalade SUV can be modified into a stretch limousine which can increase the capacity to up to sixteen but the conventional models can seat up to six passengers in style.

The interior is wonderfully equipped with luxurious leather seating which is perfectly suited for any occasion from transporting an executive to a corporate event through to taking a new bride and groom to their wedding function. Many models are completed with luxury sound systems with CD, MP3 or iPod connectivity to allow you to enjoy your choice of music in the best possible style.

Why Choose a Cadillac Escalade SUV Limousine

The Cadillac Escalade SUV represents a fine balance between style, glamor and powerful performance. This type of limousine would allow any passenger to feel special and surrounded by luxury. This can provide an understated glamor which is perfect for those seeking luxury and comfort without the ostentatiousness of more traditional limousine models.

Many people are searching for a vehicle which can add luxury and style to the plans for their event. This particular Cadillac model certainly fits the bill. Whether you are looking for a vehicle to transport you and yourwedding party, friends to aprom or allow you to work comfortably during your business travel plans, you would have difficulty choosing a more suitable model of limousine.

Many established and reputable limousine companies are looking to add this particular model of vehicle to their fleets. This can allow a greater diversity to appeal to those clients who appreciate style, luxury and comfort.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cadillac Escalade SUV limousine, or would like to book one for your upcoming event, contact us. We have an extensive fleet of limousines, including the Cadillac and would be delighted to assist you with any questions or queries you may have, to ensure you find the vehicle best suited to your needs and personal taste.

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