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Favorite Limo Movie Scenes

February 26th, 2013

Awards season is in full swing, which means that people everywhere are talking about movies. Movie fans are discussing not only the best movies of this year, but their favorite movie scenes and how they stack up against scenes from older films.

Let's take a look at some of the favorite limo movie scenes:

Pretty Woman

One of the best limo movie scenes ever filmed comes from one of the most successful romantic comedies of all time, Pretty Woman. Memorable performances by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts made this rom-com a hit.

This classic ends with the wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis, pulling up outside the door of prostitute Vivian Ward. A chauffeur drives while Edward rides in a white limousine, standing in the open sunroof, holding a bouquet of roses.

When he arrives outside Vivian's apartment building, Edward calls out for Princess Vivian, who comes to the window with a huge smile. Edward hops out of the limo and uses his umbrella to pull down the ladder for the fire escape.

He then climbs up many flights of the fire escape with the bouquet of red roses in his teeth, finally reaching Vivian. The white limo is this prince's white horse. The title song, "Pretty Woman", plays in the background while the couple's love is sealed with a kiss.

The Scret of My Success

Another great limo movie scene comes from 1987's The Secret of My Success, featuring a young and fresh-faced Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox plays the role of a young college graduate, Brantley Foster. Brantley works in the mailroom of a company owned by his uncle, but soon begins posing as an executive when he discovers an empty office.

The favorite limo movie scene begins when Brantley Foster is asked to use the company limo to drive home a coworker, Christy Wills, played by actress Helen Slater. While Christy Wills is initially very rude and condescending toward Brantley, he quickly flatters and charms her.

As the limo ride continues, the pair battle for control over the door locks and windows while Wills seductively crosses and uncrosses her legs and applies perfume. When the ride ends, Christy Wills invites Brantley Foster in and seduces him.


2012 is a wild sci-fi action film starring John Cusack. In this favorite limo movie scene, Jackson Curtis, played by John Cusack, is a science fiction writer and part-time limousine driver.

Curtis is trying to rescue his children, his ex-wife (Amanda Peet), and her boyfriend, from a natural disaster resulting from climate change and seismic activity.

Curtis races to his children's home in a limo, where they all rush into the limo as the landscape behind them collapses. Curtis drives the limo frantically through LA, driving through buildings with one door of the limo torn off, as freeways collapse and buildings crumble.

They make it to the airport where they climb into a small airplane. The plane takes off just as the ground underneath them crumbles.

These are just a few of the great limo movie scenes from movie history. Enjoy!

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