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Getting Personal with Quality Limo Service

October 25th, 2012

There are many forms of public transportation, but most of them are just too impersonal. They're made with a "one size fits all" mindset. But the fact of the matter is that when you're talking about transportation, one size does not fit all. Sometimes you just need a personal touch. This is what limousine service is all about. Just plan your itinerary and then arrange to meet your driver wherever you need to meet him.

The only problem some people have with planning a limousine trip is the lack of knowledge about how to personalize their experience. It's easy to see why this is a big problem because people are stuck in the mindset of public transportation. However, you can plan the perfect personalized limousine trip with these simple tips:

  • Plan the perfect pick-up. Gone are the days when the only way to be picked up by a limousine was to have the driver knock on your door. Today you have plenty of options, like a phone call or text to let you know the driver has arrived. Perhaps you need a limousine to pick up a special visitor at the airport. If this is the case, a driver will hold a sign with the visitor's name so that he or she will be able to connect with him. In order to plan your pick-up, just think about what's convenient for you. Limousine service is all about ease – let the limousine company work around your needs.
  • Pick the right vehicle. There are plenty of options when it comes to vehicles. You don't necessarily need to opt for the long, sleek black car. Maybe a luxury sedan or a stretch SUV would be better. It all depends on the type of event you are planning. Call around to several limousine companies and find out what types of vehicles they have in their fleets. This will give you some ideas as you figure out the best vehicle for the event you are planning.
  • Select the type of package or service. There are also various packages available. Before you cringe at the word "package," which is very impersonal, keep in mind that these packages come with personalized options. Perhaps you want to hire the vehicle by the hour. Or maybe hiring it at a flat rate for a single trip is better. Another option is to book a tour using the vehicle and giving the driver directions to go wherever you feel like going on a whim. Just decide ahead of time what kind of trip you'll be taking.
  • Look for trained drivers who act professionally. A quality limousine company should be careful about who they hire to drive their vehicles. Professional drivers should do more than just get you where you're going. They should also be able to make recommendations when asked about places to eat or entertainment venues or even go get you bottled water if you need it. The best drivers offer the most personalized service according to your needs at any given moment.

5 Star Limousine provide limousine services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you need a stretch limousine, a ride to the airport, or special transportation for a party or big event, we'll be there. Learn more about our limousine services.

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