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Great Ideas for a Romantic Anniversary Celebration

August 22nd, 2013

Whether you are a newlywed or have been married for years, it can be difficult to think of an original and romantic idea to celebrate your anniversary. While many enjoy a conventional evening out such as a movie and dinner, your anniversary is a great opportunity to demonstrate to your spouse how much you love them.

  • Home Cooked Dinner: A candle lit dinner at home can be very romantic. You can set the mood by softly playing some romantic music and dim the lights. You can plan out a menu of your favourite foods and team it with a bottle of wine. This can be a great idea if you don't normally get the time to sit down and enjoy a meal together. However, if you have children at home, it may not be possible to enjoy this time of romantic gesture without interruption.
  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Why not recreate your first date to celebrate your anniversary? You can plan out exactly the same evening as you had on your first date including all the small details such as a music compilation of the year playing in the car. Try to go to the same restaurant and see if the same table is available. This can bring back some great memories. Even if your first date wasn't entirely perfect, recreating the evening can give you a good laugh.
  • Surprise Getaway: If you want to be a little more extravagant, why not consider organizing a surprise weekend trip to a romantic destination. Plan out all the details including packing their luggage, arranging time off from their work and organising a sitter for the children. You can tell them you are going on a mundane trip out, then take them to the airport and surprise them with tickets to your romantic destination. This can be very romantic but if funds are restricted, you could plan a similar outing for a romantic day cruise, which would still be a great surprise.
  • A Night-time Picnic: Locate a great picnic spot which has amazing night-time views such as the lights over your city or a lake. This will create a romantic backdrop and you can pack a picnic full of favourite treats and foods. Don't forget the romantic elements such as chocolate covered strawberries and wine or practical items such as a blanket and corkscrew to complete your picnic.
  • Something Unexpected: Some of the most romantic celebrations feel spontaneous. Why not consider hiring a limousine so you can be chauffeured to your favourite restaurant and then enjoy an evening of being driven through the moonlight streets to your favourite beauty spot. This can be something totally unexpected for your spouse which will make them feel extra special and appreciated. A limousine is a great idea as there is no need to worry about one of you being a designated driver or finding a taxicab at the end of the evening. You can both relax and enjoy yourselves, knowing you are in the care of a professional chauffeur.
  • Home Make a Gift: Although flowers and chocolates are always welcome, a home-made gift can really show your appreciation and love. Why not create a scrapbook of your lives together, which they can treasure for years to come. If you are feeling a little more playful, why not create some personalised coupons to present to your spouse. These can cover anything from funny gestures such as doing the dishes through to foot rubs and preparing bubble baths.

If you are still struggling for a romantic theme for your anniversary, contact us. 5 Star Limousine have an extensive fleet of limousines and offer tailored packages to suit every occasion. We would be delighted to assist you with creating the evening of your dreams.

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