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Should You Hashtag Your Wedding?

November 25th, 2013

Weddings, like everything else, are changing as technology evolves. A newer techy trend being used in weddings is the hashtag. Some couples are adding a hashtag on the actual wedding invitation, while others post a hashtag on a sign at the wedding reception.

There are some advantages to this; everyone can post photos using the hashtag that you designate, and you can share the photos with each other or anyone who couldn't attend.

However, there are some risks that go along with assigning a hashtag to your wedding, too. Read on and think about whether these risks outweigh the benefit for you.

You don't have editorial control over what photos get shared.

The beauty of using a professional photographer is that she weeds out all the icky pics, like the ones with your eyes closed or the goofy expression on your face.

You may find some great candids, or you might find some terribly unflattering ones. When your guests post these photos using your hashtag, they'll show up in your timeline - like it or not.

When all of your guests become photographers and use your hashtag to share the photos, you don't know what the results will show. Take note, also, that you are not the only potential victim here; all of your guests are susceptible to ugly photos going viral.

Some people won't get it.

Older guests may not have any idea what a hashtag is or what to do with it. Other guests may know what a hashtag is, and find it stupid or silly. It's up to you to determine whether you care.

When you use a hashtag, anyone can see your photos.

The viewing of your wedding photos won't be limited to your friends; anyone who searches your hashtag can see them. In fact, strangers may even see these photos before you do.

If you love the idea of sharing your wedding photos with the world, go for it. If you would rather keep your personal photos a bit more, well, personal - then perhaps you should reconsider using a hashtag.

Guests may not actually use the hashtag.

Perhaps they are too busy having fun at your wedding to spend their time posting photos, or they're in the "don't get it" group. You just don't really know what the response to your hashtag will be.

Using a hashtag will alert your uninvited friends and acquaintances to your wedding.

Of course you can't invite everyone you have ever known to your wedding, but posting your wedding photos with a hashtag can alert all of those uninvited Facebook friends or Instagram followers to your special event.

Some may be offended that they weren't invited. If you'd rather fly under the radar, hashtagging your wedding may not be the best idea.

You don't have control over who uses your hashtag.

There may be other parties who are using the same hashtag, which means that their photos or comments will end up in the same stream as yours. If you don't mind scrolling past those other pics, then go right ahead and hashtag.

As you are planning your wedding and working out fun details like choosing whether to hashtag or not to hashtag, don't forget to schedule your wedding day transportation!

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