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Holiday Travel Survival Tips

October 25th, 2013

Are you planning your journey home to visit grandma and grandpa for Christmas?

For many people, travel tends to be the least-joyful part of the holidays. Even seasoned travelers can get frustrated by the massive crowds at the airport around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Use these tips to make your holiday travel less stressful and a lot more fun.

Preparation is key

Travel Preparation Checklist

Make sure that you have all the details of your trip mapped out ahead of time. It is more work up front, but it also makes for a smoother, less stressful trip.

Check out the airline's rules and regulations. Make sure that your carry-on bags will actually fit in the luggage compartment, and find out how many bags you can check, and what the fees will be for doing so.

Weigh your luggage before you go. You don't want to be pulling clothes out of the suitcase at the check-in desk because you are two pounds over.

Consider shipping gifts ahead of time rather than trying to drag them through the airport; you'll be glad to have a free hand as you are getting through security.

Use your smart phone to stay updated

Prepare Your Smartphone

There are some great apps available for you to use while you are traveling.

Check out Flight Status, a great application by touchmeme (great job, guys!) that will keep you up to date on any delays and even tell you which baggage claim to use.

Meanwhile, TSAwait application by Tactical Logic will give you an estimate on the wait time for the security line, so you know how early you need to leave to make your flight on time.

Pack as lightly as possible

Light Packing

If you'll be staying for more than a few days, consider taking fewer outfits and doing laundry while you are there. It can be tough, especially when the weather is cold and you need warm, heavy clothes.

Ship gifts ahead of time rather than trying to drag them through the airport; you'll be glad to have a free hand as you are getting through security. You won't have to worry about gifts getting lost somewhere in the friendly skies, either. Better yet, give gift cards. They'll occupy next to no room in your suitcase.

Keep important items, like your medication, glasses, and identification, in your carry-on bag. This way, if your bag gets lost, you won't have a total crisis. It's a good idea to tuck one change of clothes into your carry-on, too.

Bring ear plugs

Ear Plugs

Crying babies and obnoxious passengers are practically guaranteed, so carry your own remedy. Pop your ear plugs in, and zone out.

Don't let yourself - or your kids - get too hungry

Travel Snacks

Few things can ruin a day like a hungry, cranky kid. Make sure to schedule meal times into your plans, and think about packing some snacks. You don't want to have to rely exclusively on airport food to keep everyone satisfied; there usually aren't many healthy options there.

Letting the kids fill up on candy from the travel mart and then sticking them in an airplane where they can't move for three hours is not a great start to the holiday. A snack pack with some protein, like nuts, and carbs, like a banana, is a good bet.

Fight the traffic

Holiday Traffic Queue

Fighting the traffic once you arrive at your destination and trying to navigate through an unfamiliar city can add a lot of stress. Call 5 Star Limousine, instead. We provide airport transportation services, so we can pick you up at the airport and deliver you safely to grandma's house while you relax in the luxurious seats. Kick back, watch tv, and drink a glass of wine while we do the driving.

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