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Keeping Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

March 10th, 2014

What to do about kids at a wedding is always a question that brides and grooms struggle with.

Do you invite the kids and risk having misbehaving children hijack your wedding?

Or do you not invite the kids, and risk not having their parents be able to attend?

You can invite the kids without the night turning into an episode of Supernanny.

Check out these ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding.

1. Provide entertainment. If the kids are occupied, their parents can enjoy themselves. Bring in a clown, magician, or face painter to give the kids something to do. Set up an area where the kids can do their thing, and the adults will be free to act like adults.

2. Set up a café. A clown or magician is great for younger kids, but teens may not be impressed. While the tweens and teens probably won’t throw cake at each other or run laps around the dance floor, they probably won’t be quite as enthusiastic about the whole thing, either. You can draw them in by setting up a café with hot drinks and pastries, board games, and newspapers and magazines.

3. After the kids have had their sugar rush from wedding cake, they need to burn off a little energy. Create a sports center for them with hula hoops, ping pong, air hockey, and Nerf basketball. You can probably borrow most of this equipment, and if your reception is being held at a hotel or country club, they may have many of these items available for you.

4. If you don’t want to invite that much chaos, provide a quieter activity, like a craft room. You can set up tables with coloring pages and markers, beads for making bracelets and necklaces, and colored sand and jars to make sand art. You can even provide items for the kids to make wedding cards that they can leave for the bride and groom.

5. Kids get excited about fancy events, so create a dress up center. They can put on gowns and top hats and have their own fancy party. They can even create their own movie by filming themselves with an iPod, or you could ask your video crew to provide an extra camera and staff member to man this activity center.

6. If you are having an outdoor wedding, send the kids off on a nature walk. Ask the venue to provide a staff member or hire a naturalist who can take the kids on a hike. You can give them a nature bingo card to complete on their walk. This will keep them occupied and help them burn off some energy.

7. Another great option for an outdoor wedding is kite flying. Provide the materials, and let kids make and decorate their own kite. When they are done, they can fly it. If you want something a bit simpler and easier for younger kids, set out boxes of chalk. Let the kids draw and write well wishes for you on the sidewalks.

8. Set up races. Hire a babysitter to run things, and let the kids have three legged races, sack races, or egg and spoon relays. These are simple activities that don’t require a lot of materials or expense, but they will keep the kids happy and occupied while the adults enjoy some adult company.

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