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A Limousine's Most Valuable Asset

August 21st, 2012

When you think about limousines, you probably have a few things in mind. You can probably draw up the image of a professionally dressed chauffeur and a long list of other amenities that are normally associated with riding in a limo. So which one of these amenities is the limo's most valuable asset? It's the chauffeur, of course! Chauffeurs are what set one limo company apart from the others because they are the first and last impression every customer will have of the company. So what does it take to be a great chauffeur? There are four key things to be an exceptional chauffeur:

Scheduling Business Trips for Your Clients in Toronto

Preparation is one of the most important things to have a perfect experience business trip.

If you're arranging limousine trips for your business clients, you can provide us the detail information about their culture and interests.

Plan ahead by making your specific requests upon arrival. We will prepare all things and ensure your client's business trips run smoothly.

1. Preparation – Professional drivers have got to be able to prepare for their day ahead of time so that there are no surprises that could have been avoided. Preparing for the trip begins with looking into the details of the trip, like the name of the client, the address they are being picked up from and the address they are being dropped off at, and directions between the two points. For corporate limousine service, quality drivers will go several steps further as well and look up the client's company culture so that they can learn about their interests and be able to provide information that is relevant to what they might want. For example, knowing where the best golf courses are can be valuable information to an avid golfer who is flying into an unfamiliar city and booking the limo for a ride from the airport.

2. Anticipation – Planning ahead will only take you so far. In order to be a quality chauffeur, you must be able to anticipate what your client wants or needs. This can be a real challenge because every client is a little bit different than the next. Of course anticipation begins with the preparation of a kit that will include anything the client might need, like cell phone chargers for every kind of phone or even extra pairs of sunglasses. They might even add a pair of binoculars for clients who are going sightseeing–just in case they forgot their own at home.

3. Sloppy dressing habits – When a chauffeur picks someone up, they expect him or her to be dressed in a certain way. No one likes a sloppily dressed driver, so it is important that they are dressed impeccably. A tuxedo isn't even out of the ordinary if they are providing wedding service. Shirts should be pressed, and there should be no stains on any of their clothing.

4. Knowledge – All professional drivers should also be like databases just filled with plenty of knowledge. They should know the area in which they are driving, right down to the finer details. They should know where the local pharmacies are and which restaurants receive the best ratings from diners.

High quality drivers are the reason people continue to go back time and time again to a limo company. It has little to do with the amenities on the cars, although those do help to some extent. But the bottom line is that you can't have a good time in your limo without a driver who acts the part fully.

5 Star Limousine provide limousine services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you need a stretch limousine, a ride to the airport, or special transportation for a party or big event, we'll be there. Check out our limousine fleet.

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