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Ideas for a Modern Wedding Shower

April 10th, 2014

A wedding shower is a long-standing tradition, but, honestly, they can get pretty boring. The women all gather at someone’s home or a church basement.

The bride registers at Target for the gifts that she wants, we go buy them, and then sit and watch her open the gifts that she already knows she’s getting.

You eat some chicken salad sandwiches and a piece of grocery store cake and play a game of bingo. The bride gathers up her food processer and towels, and everyone goes home. It could be better.

These days, most couples have lived on their own or together before they get married. You may not need to the basics to furnish a house; you probably already have dishes and towels.

You may not want something so old-fashioned. But you can still celebrate with the people you love and show some appreciation to them for their gifts. Try out these ideas for a modern wedding shower.

Backyard Barbeque Wedding Shower

Throw an afternoon barbeque, and make it a couples’ shower. This is perfect for a couple who has recently bought a home or just loves to spend time outdoors.

You can play bean bags and horseshoes and make some burgers on the grill. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Let the theme of the party be reflected in the gifts.

Accessories for the grill or outdoor placemats and dishes are perfect for a backyard barbeque wedding shower. An outdoorsy couple would even appreciate a tent and camping supplies.

A Day in the Life Wedding Shower

A Day in the Life Wedding Shower is a great way to encourage thoughtful and useful gifts without ending up with 20 sets of sheets.

When you send out invitations, assign each recipient a time slot. Each person then chooses a gift that is appropriate to that time slot.

For example, the person who was assigned 8 am could give a set of coffee mugs, and the person who was assigned 12 pm could give a picnic basket.

Decorate the venue with clocks, and serve a variety of foods, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Vintage Wedding Shower

Vintage is actually quite modern, as long as it is done intentionally rather than just being accidentally outdated or old-fashioned.

Guests can choose a vintage gift from Etsy or a local flea market, like a set of retro dishes, teapot, or antique wine glasses. They could even give a personal family item, like grandma’s cookbook.

These gifts are much more thoughtful, meaningful items that will be treasured versus a bowl off a Crate and Barrel registry.

It’s a nice surprise for the bride, too, to receive gifts she hasn’t picked out. To continue the theme, decorate the room with old family photos, and serve food from family recipes.

If you want to have a more modern wedding shower, try one of these unique ideas. Think of a wedding shower as a theme party, and it will open up a world of inspiring themes and ideas.

Invite couples, or keep it just for the ladies if that will please your circle. For many couples, a more modern wedding shower is appropriate for their age and place in life.

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