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No More Boring Weddings - Ideas to Make Your Wedding Awesome

December 18th, 2013

Yes, it's true - most weddings are boring. But yours doesn't have to be. Here are some great ideas to make your wedding awesome.

Plan something special for the end of the evening.

Nothing is sadder than a wedding reception where everyone is leaving by 9 pm.

You can prevent this from happening to you by planning a special treat for the end of the evening and telling your guests about it so that they will stick around to see it.

You could have a fireworks show at midnight, a performance by belly dancers, or even something crazy like a sword-swallower. Give your guests something to look forward to.

Keep the kids occupied.

The parents can't relax and party all night if the kids are crabby and tired and begging to go home. During dinner, have activities at the table for the kids.

You could place all the kids at one table where they can play together, or set up games at each table and encourage the adults to play along.

Simple things like Uno, Apples to Apples, or craft activities will keep the little people occupied.

Later in the night, offer a separate room complete with babysitter where kids can lounge on pillows, watch a movie, and eat popcorn while parents dance the night away.

Plan your seating arrangements carefully.

Being stuck at a table with a stranger who has nothing to say can really put a damper on the evening.

Even if your tablemates don't know each other, try to seat them with someone with whom they have something in common.

You can also encourage conversation by placing a box of cards with funny questions on the table, like “what would you do with three wishes,” or “what items are on your bucket list.”

This will help guests to get past the basic “how do you know the bride and groom?”

Have fun food and keep feeding them.

A wedding reception doesn't have to serve chicken and potatoes. You can make your reception more fun and relaxed by serving fun, unusual food.

You could go with a family-style Italian feast with pasta, calamari, garlic bread, and a big salad. A Mexican buffet with fajitas, rice, guacamole, and flan is another great option.

If your guests are up dancing and having a great time, they're going to get hungry later in the night.

You can encourage them to stick around by bringing out a late night snack, like sliders and fries or pizza. A coffee bar will help keep everyone's energy level up, too.

Make sure that the band provides some kind of fun music to cover their breaks.

If they usually use filler music for breaks, ask to provide the playlist.

This will help to make sure that you don't have boring elevator music playing while the band is on break.

Telling your DJ what you don't like is just as important as telling him what you do like. If you hate line dances, let him know.

Choose great dance music & set up a lounge

Maybe you love indie music, but it isn't very danceable.

If you want guests to get out on the dance floor, you have to give them something great to dance to, like Lady Gaga and Usher.

Also give your guests a place to relax on comfy furniture when they need a break from dancing.

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