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In What Situation You Should not Announce Your Engagement?

November 25th, 2013

Odds are that once you become engaged, you will be incredibly excited and want to share the news with everyone you know and/or see. Your friends, family, co-workers, taxi driver, and barista - all will hear the happy news.

While this is perfectly understandable and adorable, there are a few situations in which you should, perhaps, keep the news to yourself, at least temporarily.

Check out these ways in which you should not announce your engagement.

At someone else's engagement party

Yes, you are sure to be bubbling with excitement, particularly at an event where everyone is talking about weddings and marriage. But resist the urge to make your announcement at engagement party that is not being held in your honor.

Although your intentions may be pure, the action is likely to be seen as scene-stealing and upstaging. The guests of honor will not appreciate it. If someone notices your ring and asks about it, you can quietly answer their question. Otherwise, hold off until a better time.

Don't brag

It really is not a contest. The size of your ring, the social status of your fiancee - none of these are facts that need to be mentioned when you make your big announcement. The goal is to share your happiness, not try to outdo everyone around you.

Following the delivery of bad news

Perhaps you run into your friend Jill, and she sadly informs you that her grandfather died yesterday. This isn't the time to tell her that you got engaged. Resist the urge to announce it; instead, offer some comfort, and move on. You can call her in a few days and fill her in on the good news.

Before it has actually become official

A premature announcement is just asking for trouble and embarrassment. Maybe you have talked about marriage, or even discussed a time frame or looked at rings. Don't announce it. Don't say a word until he actually asks you to marry him and puts the ring on your finger.

Get a manicure

When you tell someone that you got engaged, the first thing they will do is grab your hand to look at your ring. You want those people to focus on your gorgeous ring, not your chipped nails.

Fit in a manicure on your lunch break, and then you can proudly announce your engagement to everyone you meet.

Posting a bad photo

It's fine to post a photo, but do some careful editing first. This photo will get a lot of attention, so give it a close look before you post.

Make sure that you aren't being photobombed, don't have spinach in your teeth, and aren't advertising any wardrobe malfunctions. You don't need a professional engagement photo yet, but take a moment to check your selfie before you post.

During a meeting

This is not the appropriate time to share your personal life, even if it does allow you to announce it to the whole group at one time.

Wait until lunch or a convenient private moment, and tell your closest work friends. The news will spread quickly.

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