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Plan Your Wedding at Work without Getting Fired

February 18th, 2014

Planning your wedding can be super time consuming. However, your time is probably already pretty consumed by your job.

The real catch to all this wedding planning is that all of the vendors and people you need to talk to are only answering their phones during regular business hours - the same business hours when you are supposed to be working.

Fortunately, if you are careful, you can accomplish some of those tasks during the day.

Use these tips to help you plan your wedding while you are at work - without getting fired.

Fly Under the Radar

You can't let it become obvious to your co-workers or your boss that you are spending your entire work day on making wedding plans.

And you shouldn't spend the entire day planning your wedding - but you can probably squeeze in a few phone calls here and there.

Keep up with your regular job duties, and don't let your wedding planning affect your work performance. Certainly don't let making wedding plans prevent you from meeting important work deadlines.

Now, in order to keep your wedding planning on the down low, you need to be a bit covert. That means that you cannot bring your wedding binder to work; that would be a major red flag.

You are better off creating an online wedding organizer where you can save all the pictures and info you need without carrying around a binder that alerts everyone around you to what you are doing.

Be discreet with your online wedding organizer, too. Don't leave tabs open when you are away from your computer, and open one tab that is actually work-related so you can click over if someone walks in.

Strategize Your Time

Try to limit your at-work wedding planning to things that absolutely must be accomplished during the day or can be squeezed in quickly when you have a few minutes to spare.

Some things need to be reserved for a day off when you and your fiancée can address those tasks as a couple. Here's how you can best take advantage of your time:

9 - 5

If you have a few spare minutes during the weekday, you can do a bit of online vendor research or browse for wedding inspiration.

These are things that you can squeeze in over the lunch hour or when you have a little time to kill before a meeting starts.

If you have an office with a door that closes, you can make quick phone calls to confirm appointments with vendors, too. You can also work on making lists during the work day.

Between guest lists, to-do lists, music playlists, and more, there is a lot to keep track of. Store all these lists on your phone for easy access wherever you are.

Evening or Weekend

If you have some DIY projects to do, you'll need to plan some evening or weekend time to tackle them. Your boss will definitely notice if you are addressing invitations at your desk.

Don't even think about using company supplies to prepare for your wedding; that's a good way to get plenty of free time.

When the time comes to visit vendors or venues, you'll need to plan a day off work or a weekend. This way you can go check things out with your fiancée without rushing.

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