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5 Tips for Planning a Great Vacation

April 10th, 2014

Feeling desperate for an escape from the daily grind? Then use these five tips to help you plan a great vacation.

#1 – Compare Prices Online

The packages that you see advertised may seem like a great deal. However, they aren’t necessarily always the cheapest option. Before you book, check out the prices of each individual component of the trip.

You can get a lot more flight options if you book the flight separately; you may be able to get a cheaper flight or a comparable flight with better timing.

When it comes to booking a hotel, you may want to consider calling the hotel directly. Yes, it seems a bit old-fashioned to actually use your phone to call a hotel for a reservation, but it has its perks.

Sometimes you can get discounts that haven’t been advertised online, particularly if that location is having a slow period. You might also be given an upgrade or other special perks if you are celebrating a special occasion.

#2 – Check Airlines Directly

Those cheap airfare websites are great tools, but they don’t carry rates for every airline.

Southwest has great low rates, but they don’t share their flights with any third party vendors. You won’t find American Airlines on Orbitz or Expedia, either.

#3 – Use a Travel Agent to Book a Cruise

Package vacation websites can offer great deals, but they aren’t the best place to book a cruise. If you are planning a cruise, use a travel agent to book your trip. An agent can often get you a special discount that you couldn’t get online.

The other advantage to a travel agent is the personal assistance they can give you if you run into a problem. There are a lot of logistics to deal with when you take a cruise, and an agent will help you fix things if you run into a problem along the way.

#4 – Beware of Labels

You know those hotel search results that come up at the top of the list, labeled something like “top picks”? That doesn’t mean that they are the best hotels; it just means that they are business partners with the search website you are using. Don’t be fooled.

#5 – Set a Budget

Setting a budget begins with choosing your destination and carries through the entire duration of your trip. Be realistic about how much you can afford to spend, and keep this in mind when you are deciding where to travel.

Obviously, a two week trip to Paris will cost more than a weekend in Chicago. If there is an exotic destination that is really important to you, you may be able to pull it off with some careful planning and budgeting.

In order for a budget to work, it has to be realistic. In addition to the obvious costs, like airfare and hotel, don’t forget to include all the little details. List charges like luggage fees, pet boarding fees, airport parking, and gratuities.

Be realistic about how much money you will need while you are at your destination to cover the cost of dining and entertainment. If you assume that you can eat for $40 per day but end up spending twice that, then your budget will be a waste.

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