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Planning for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

January 27th, 2014

Does the wedding of your dreams include an outdoor setting? If so, you certainly are not alone. Outdoor venues are a popular choice because they provide natural beauty.

You still need to settle on what type of outdoor wedding you want, though. In the past, outdoor weddings were typically held in backyards or parks.

In more recent years, brides and grooms are hosting outdoor weddings at beaches, farms, and international destinations.

Use these tips to help you choose the perfect outdoor venue and plan ahead for a beautiful wedding.

Prepare for the Weather

The number one thing that can make or break an outdoor wedding is the weather.

You can't rely on luck for a fair weather wedding; you must plan ahead for the worst possible conditions.

Most outdoor weddings are held in the summer. If you are planning a summer event, prepare for the heat.

Take advantage of the setting and use shady areas to set up guest seating. If there aren't shady areas available or they aren't properly located for your purposes, rent a tent to set up a sheltered area from the sun.

To keep everyone cool and comfortable, you can bring in large fans or even blocks of dry ice. You may also wish to pass out bottles of water or even sunscreen to your guests.

If your outdoor wedding will be held in chillier times, you will need to make different accommodations. Keep your guests warm and cozy by setting up portable heaters.

You could also provide throw blankets or shawls for everyone to wrap up, and hot cocoa or coffee to warm up.

Wind is another weather factor that couples sometimes forget to prepare for. For an outdoor wedding, heavier fabrics are better for your dresses, since they are less likely to blow around.

Inform your hairdresser of your plans, as well, so that she can make sure that your style can stand up to a day spent outdoors.

Rain is usually the biggest concern for those having an outdoor wedding. All you can do is plan ahead. Make sure that you have lots of umbrellas on hand, and have a tent set up for shelter just in case.

Choose Comfortable Facilities

In addition to a lovely setting, your wedding venue needs to offer comfortable facilities. Ask the following questions when you are selecting an outdoor venue.

  1. Are chairs provided?
  2. If chairs are not provided by the venue, do you have to make arrangements for chairs to be delivered on your own? Will the venue handle the delivery and set up of the chairs?
  3. Are there any regulations about where chairs or tents may be placed?
  4. Are restroom facilities available? If so, where are they located?
  5. Are you permitted to bring in portable toilets?
  6. Is wheelchair access available?
  7. Is there a designated spot for the wedding aisle? Is that path level and clear of obstacles?
  8. Are you allowed to bring in decorations? If so, are there rules about what types of decorations are permitted?
  9. Are you responsible for removing decorations, or will someone from the venue handle the cleanup and removal?
  10. Is electricity available? If not, can you bring in a generator?

Checking into each of these issues will help you to choose the perfect outdoor wedding venue. As you are making plans for your wedding, don't forget to schedule your wedding day transportation.

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