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Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

August 23rd, 2013

Traditionally a bachelor or bachelorette party would involve a rowdy night out with plenty of alcohol, but this need not always be the case. A loud raucous party may not suit the personality and preferences of your friend. They may prefer a more sedate occasion which allows them to catch up with old friends. The guest of honor may also not relish the thought of having drunken pranks played on them. A bachelor or bachelorette party is meant to be a fun occasion for all, so cruel pranks have no place in the perfect party. In order to plan the perfect you need to spend a little time to consider what type of party your friend would truly enjoy.

Theme Alternatives

There are a great number of alternatives for the perfect party which can be better suited to personal tastes. If your friend is a little less outgoing and would not enjoy a full night of drinking, a carefully considered theme could be more to their taste. These could include:

  • Sporting Events: Why not gather a large group to go to the group's favourite sporting event? There are a number of transportation options such as a party bus, which are big enough to accommodate a large group in comfort and style to the sports venue. This type of party will allow you to relax and enjoy a day watching your favourite sporting events. It may even be possible to rent out a corporate box for the day which will allow you to make a real party out of the event.
  • Outdoor Activities: If your friend is sporty, then why not consider an outdoor activity themed celebration. You could spend the day hiking, climbing or participating in different water sports. You could even make a weekend of it and do some camping. This will allow you plenty of time for reminiscing and socialising without the intrusion of noisy nightclubs.
  • Shows: There is also the alternative of going to see a show. Whether the bachelor or bachelorette is a bit of a theatre buff or would enjoy seeing a stand-up comedian, there are plenty of shows which would make the basis of a great party night. You could start the evening with a nice dinner where you can chat and remember funny stories before going on to the show.

Things to Consider

  • It is important to remember that this is a bachelor or bachelorette party. They are the guest of honor, so the type of party should be suited to them.
  • It is also worth considering the cost of your planned party. Your friend and their fiancĂ© may have a budget in mind; they may be uncomfortable with an elaborate and costly event so it is worth a little discussion.
  • Don't forget that your friend may have some of their soon to be in-laws attending the party, so ensure that the tone of the party won't leave anyone feeling awkward.
  • Bear in mind that "no" means "no". You should know your friend well and understand that if they say no to a certain type of party, this usually means that they will not enjoy it. There is always a subtle difference between a modest "no- don't go to the trouble" and "no- I wouldn't like that". Appreciate the difference and try to plan accordingly.

A Bachelor and Bachelorette party can be great fun and a wonderful celebration of the changes your friend is about to make in their life. Take the time to consider and plan a party to suit their personality and tastes and you are sure to create the perfect party for them.

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