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Planning the Perfect Prom Event

September 4th, 2013

If you have become a member of the prom committee, you may immediately be feeling the pressure and stress to create the perfect prom event. However, planning a great prom event need not be stressful and will some simple steps you can ensure that your prom is a great evening for all.

Once the committee members have been selected, the budget confirmed and the date and venue set, the real work can begin! Ideally these details will all have been organized a year before the event, but within three or four months, you will need to begin some serious planning.

  • The Theme: This can be the most important detail of your prom event. Choosing a great theme will allow your prom to be memorable and unique. Consider the mood you would like to reflect in your event. This can then be tied into the title, decorations and music.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising is usually essential for a great prom. Once you consider the total expenses and divide it by the number of attending students, the ticket price would be far too expensive, so fundraising is necessary to supplement the difference. Many students are aware that prom events can be expensive, so are usually willing to participate in fundraising. There is an abundance of fun raising ideas, so choose ones which will best appeal to your fellow students.
  • Book Your DJ or Band: Good music is central to a great prom event, and popular DJ's and bands are booked well in advance, so you need to research your options and book as soon as possible. Compare prices and consider reviews before making your final decision.
  • Decorations: Now is also the time to consider decorations. These should coincide with your theme. Pre-assembled decorations are available but they can be costly, so why not try to come up with some unique ideas which will save money for other elements of the event.

Three months before the event, there a number of other tasks which need to be completed.

  • Stationery: Order the programs, invitations, tickets and party items. Printing can sometimes take a couple of weeks, so it is important that you don't leave this too late. Also don't forget to order the royalty items such as crowns, tiaras and sashes.
  • Advertising: Now is also the time to start creating some prom event excitement. Start hanging posters, handing out flyers and advertising in the school newspaper and on student radio.
  • Book the Photographer: Finalize your photographer decision and book. You need not be limited to one photographer and may choose one for portraits while another covers the miscellaneous photographer. Confirm your options and see what package deals are available.

As the prom event date approaches, you will need to complete the last details. These should take place two or three weeks before the event.

  • Invites and Tickets: Send out any invitations and start to sell the tickets. You should set up a sales booth in a central location and be sure that all the students are aware of where you are. Consider selling tickets at a cheaper rate for early purchasers and increase the price as the event date becomes closer. This will encourage purchasing their tickets earlier rather than waiting until the last minute.
  • Confirm Details: Confirm details with your vendors including the venue, caterer, photographer and entertainment.
  • Decorating: Set up a schedule to decorate the venue. You will need committee members to complete this task but be sure that they read any instructions supplied with decoration kits.
  • Prom Court: Hold nominations for your prom court. You will need to decide how the nominations should be made and who is going to conduct them at the prom event.

Completing all these steps will help to guide you to a great prom event. Don't forget in all the prom event planning to remember your own dress, accessories and transportation! Take the time to relax and enjoy the event yourself.

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