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Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

September 4th, 2013

Planning your wedding can be a little daunting and every bride wants the day to be perfect. This can be tremendously stressful, but rest assured it is possible to plan a perfect wedding in seven steps. This will help you to take the planning in easier to manage tasks which should reduce your stress levels and help you to enjoy the journey.

1. Organize your Priorities

Although you may want everything for your wedding, the reality is that you will need to make some decisions and compromises to suit your budget. You should organize your priorities into what you really want incorporated into your big day. Start with your top five elements which are of the most importance to you and your fiancé.

2. Decision Making

Once you have an idea of what you would like as part of your wedding, you can start the decision making process to create your dream wedding. This shouldn't be rushed through and you will need to discuss it thoroughly. Brainstorm your ideas together, so you can create a big picture. Remember that some elements will be incompatible and you will need to make a compromise. For example, if you want a winter wedding, an open air carriage is likely to be completely impractical and you will need to compromise on a limousine or some other form of transportation.

3. Break Down the Work

Now you have a great idea of how your wedding will look, you can start breaking it down into the smaller elements of work. Of course, you will still need to keep focus on your budget but you can concentrate on what is needed for the bride, groom, venue, décor, wedding party, stationery, food, entertainment, bakery and transportation.

These big elements can be broken down into smaller aspects. For example, when looking at wedding party, you will need to consider maid of honor dresses, shoes, flowers, best man suits, etc. This will make sure that you don't overlook any details.

The other important aspect of the work is to research potential dates. Check that they will not coincide with any social or political functions and that key members of the wedding party have not already booked a vacation for these dates. You should also take a little time to research weather trends for those particular dates to maximize the potential of having good weather around your wedding date.

4. Create a Schedule

Now you have broken down the details, you can create a schedule and work out what needs to happen and when. This can be essential to ensure that you don't miss dress fittings, booking caterers or transportation or ordering flowers. The best course of action when planning a wedding is usually to book as far in advance as possible.

5. Delegate

Remember, that you don't need to do everything by yourselves. You should delegate some smaller jobs and tasks to your trusted family and friends who will play an important role in the wedding party. Your parents, best man, maid of honor and siblings will all be pivotal in the wedding party and willing to help. Of course, there will be some elements that you and your fiancé will need to handle yourselves, but delegate lesser tasks which do not require your personal attention once the decision has been made. Just be sure that you provide them with schedule details and follow up to ensure they are completing their list.

6. Confirm Details

As the wedding date draws near, don't forget to confirm the important details. Last minute checks include confirming the arrival time of the limousine, checking the final numbers for the venue and caterer and final dress fitting. This may be a little frantic but it will set your mind at rest when the big day arrives.

7. Relax and Enjoy Yourselves

Remember to take the time to appreciate the day, relax and enjoy yourselves. Bear in mind that even if some minor detail isn't quite perfect, you are unlikely to notice once you are surrounded by family and friends celebrating your commitment and love for your fiancé.

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