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Tips for Preparing a Great Wedding Toast

February 18th, 2014

Have you been to a wedding recently? Endured a boring, endless toast by the bride’s father? Or an embarrassing, drunken speech by the best man? Don’t let this happen to you!

Bad wedding toasts are an epidemic in this country, but you can help stop the spread of this terrible condition. Use these tips for preparing a great wedding toast.


The key to preparing a great wedding toast is to prepare. Yes, it’s that simple. You must prepare your toast ahead of time, and not seconds ahead of time.

Sit down about a week before the wedding, and think about what you intend to say. Make notes, or at least mentally review what you plan to say so that you can give an accurate rendition when the microphone is passed to you.

This doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Taking just 15 minutes to plan out your toast can save you a lot of embarrassment.

Unless you are a professional public speaker and incredibly charming person, do not give an off-the-cuff wedding toast.

It probably will not go as smoothly as you anticipated. Don’t embarrass your friends or children. Write it down.

Groom Yourself

Everyone will be watching you. People will be taking pictures, and a professional will be recording a video of you as you speak.

Before you take the microphone, step into the restroom and check your appearance in the mirror. Straighten your tie, your hair, makeups – whatever needs straightening. Now get back out there.

Don’t Get Drunk

Seriously, don’t get drunk. Yes, it’s a wedding, and everybody is drinking. Don’t get drunk before you give the wedding toast.

Go ahead and have one glass of champagne to calm your nerves, and save the rest of your imbibing for after you are done making a speech in public.

When you drink too much, you stray from your prepared remarks. When you drink too much, you say inappropriate things.

When you drink too much, you embarrass your friends. Don’t drink and toast.

Be Personal, But Not Too Personal

Your toast should be personal enough to demonstrate that you have a close relationship with the bride and groom, and that you have shared fond memories with them.

However, your speech should not be so personal as to reveal intimate details of the events of the bachelor party.

This is not the time to expose questionable choices made by the bride or groom in the past. Refer to the previous section, entitled “Don’t Get Drunk.”

On that same note, there are certain topics that are always off-limits for a wedding toast.

Do not mention any previous boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, or wives of the newly married couple. Do not bring up the fact that the relationship may have begun under questionable circumstances.

Do not speculate as to the cost of the wedding or gifts, and do not question the bride’s child-bearing status. Just don’t do it.

Follow This Formula

It’s really pretty simple. Introduce yourself, and explain your relationship to the bride and groom. Comment on how lovely and special the wedding ceremony was.

Tell a funny story about the bride and groom. Remark on what lovely people they are. Wish them well, and raise your glass. Now sit down.

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