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Prom Limo Packages

So here you are, with all your prom dresses and suits now all sorted out, and you've made arrangements for the gang to meet at your house for a prom party before the most amazing and most memorable night of your entire young life. You and your school mates are about to experience that right of passage where you travel from being a teenager, into a young adult and are ready to take on the world. So as you flock on to that big event to celebrate the cessation of your school life in what is the hallowed tradition via a prom limo, a few things you may want to take care of to ensure your night is as memorable as it can be.

With all your planning that you and your friends have undertaken in order to ensure things go just right so you have an amazing night, you are left with only one more matter to take care of. That is, how are you and a number of your closest friends going to choose the right Limo to match your fun loving, wild and adventurous natures? Well the answer couldn't be any simpler. We here at 5 Star Limousine have all the answers to your many questions.

But before you go off to harass your collective parents on getting that big stretch Limo let us provide you with a touch more information to ensure that you choose the right stretch limousine for your prom night. The first thing we must go through is the actual process of booking a school prom limousine with us, and best way to do that is to call one of our operators so they can best work with you to give you the fact you will need to go to your parents with. We need to determine the number of people you wish to take with you on the trip to the school prom. There are many different sized vehicles with varying costs so depending on the size of your group will determine the size of your limo.

For instance, if there are only 7 or 8 of you, you can take advantage of our standard 8-seater cheap limo hire vehicle available in white or black. However, if you have a whole harem of people accompanying you, say 12-16 people, then may we suggest that you think of hiring a Super Stretch Limo like our Hummer limousines, to take you safely and in complete luxury to your event?

Basically, we wish to cater to what is best for you in every situation. Your booking process doesn't end there though. We need you tell us what YOU need and what to be inside your hire limousine. If you wish it to be decorated a certain way and such, tell us when you book and we will endeavor to facilitate your every wish. Then there are the logistics, the time, the place and the date.

Now, once you are ready to finalize your Limo choice and are ready to book your dream ride with us, we will require a 10% deposit over the phone via credit card, and that's it. You are now ready to arrive in style at the biggest party of your life.

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