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Questions to Ask a Limo Service in Mississauga

June 19th, 2012

When you're looking for a limo service in Mississauga, it can be tempting to just call around and get some prices. However, there is much more to selecting a quality service than that. The only way you can be assured that you will receive quality service and safety on your limo ride is by asking several leading questions of the company up front before you even book a car. Here are five questions you should ask a limo service before you make the booking:

  1. Are you insured? And how much are you insured for? The answer to this question should always be yes, and the amount of coverage should depend on how many passengers the car actually holds. For example, the company should have more than enough coverage to take care of seven passengers in the event that there is an accident involving their limo. Don't be afraid to ask to see their proof of coverage and decide from there if there is enough coverage there to protect you and your fellow passengers in the event of an accident.
  2. Can I see the car I will be booking before the day I need it? This question will give you a hint about the quality of the company's cars. If they are too afraid to show you the car before the day you need it, then there is a good indication that there is something wrong with it. Another sign that there may be a problem is if your contract is sub-contracted to another limo provider. Once again, not being able to see the car ahead of time can indicate that it will be sub-contracted, and you just don't know what you will get under these circumstances.
  3. What types of vehicles do you have? Some companies only offer a very basic limo; while others offer stretch limos, stretch SUVs, and a lot of other options. In order to really get an idea about what the possibilities are, it is best to inquire with several limo service companies about the types of vehicles they offer for rent.
  4. What happens if the vehicle I have rented breaks down on the day of service? This is another important question because you want to make sure that you are covered in the event of a breakdown. Find out if they will have another car pick you up or if you are entitled to a refund if this happens. It definitely pays to be prepared just in case and not need this information rather than find out later that their policy for dealing with breakdowns was insufficient or non-existent.
  5. Can I see your entire fee schedule? Make sure that you pin them down as to a price. Some companies try to charge hidden fees on the end of the trip, so ask about every single fee, even the ones that "might" be incurred but will "probably" not be. There are few things worse than seeing the bill and discovering that it was much higher than what you thought it would be.

When hiring a limo service, you just can't be too careful. In the industry you often get what you pay for, so beware of the company that offers the lowest prices if those prices are not in the range of what the other providers are offering. Compare the prices and figure out what a fair price would be. This will give you an indication of which company is offering a price that is just too low to be any good.

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