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Stress Relief Tips for Brides-To-Be

May 22nd, 2014

Planning your wedding is an incredibly exciting time in your life – but it can also be a bit stressful. You have a lot on your plate.

Besides the fun stuff, like dress shopping, you also have to take care of a lot of little details, like preparing favors for the reception and reserving blocks of hotel rooms.

On top of that, every person you meet seems to want to play 20 questions. Don’t let the excitement turn into tension.

Use these stress relief tips for brides-to-be so that you can relax and enjoy this special time.

1. Take a bath. This is really one of the most perfect ways to relax. It doesn’t cost a thing, you don’t have to make an appointment, and you can squeeze it in whenever it is convenient for you. If you want to make it extra special, toss in a bath bomb or some nice-smelling bubbles. You can pour a glass of champagne to enjoy while you soak, or set up your iPad on the bathroom counter and catch up on Netflix.

2. Practice yoga. If your neck is sore from being hunched over a stack of wedding invitations or your mind is exhausted from dealing with your future mother-in-law, yoga will help. It relaxes both your body and mind, and you’ll walk away feeling quite relieved. Take a class at your gym, or find a video on YouTube.

3. Write in a journal. In 50 years, it’ll be fun to look back and remember how you were feeling in the months leading up to your wedding. For now, it’ll help you get all of those feelings out onto paper so that you can release some tension.

4. Drink water. You are probably more inclined to turn to coffee for energy and alcohol for relaxation, but water is a better choice. Caffeine and alcohol both dehydrate your body. When you are dehydrated, you feel tired. Try drinking a bottle of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. It’ll give you a boost. Keep hydrating throughout the day.

5. Keep in touch with the people you love. It’s easy for wedding planning to take over your life if you don’t make an effort to prevent that. Call a friend or call your mom; it really doesn’t matter who. Just keep in touch with the people who matter to you, and remember to talk about things other than your upcoming nuptials.

6. Lighten up. Go to a funny movie with friends, or just sit on the couch and watch Comedy Central. You have to take a break and let yourself laugh once in a while.

7. Let go of anxiety. It all seems like a big deal now, but a year from now, it will all be over. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and relax.

8. Try aromatherapy. Light a scented candle at home or at your desk, or keep a bottle of essential oils in your purse. When you are feeling tense, put a little dab of the oil on the inside of your wrists. Lavender is a good choice to help you relax.

9. Go on a date with your fiancée. Don’t forget what all this wedding planning is for! Spend an evening with your fiancée doing something you both enjoy, and keep wedding talk off-limits for the night.

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