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The Cheapest Limo Isn't Always the Best

October 25th, 2012

When you're looking for limousine service, the first thing you probably do is call around and check the rates. However, you shouldn't stop there. The cheapest limousine isn't always the best. In fact, you may discover that the cheapest one leaves a lot to be desired. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're considering going with the cheapest limousine service provider:

  • Usually the reason some companies offer prices that are extremely lower than their competitors is because they have sacrificed a great deal of quality. They don't take the time to screen the drivers they hire, and they don't monitor their drivers' behavior while out on jobs. They give you generic sodas or other refreshments rather than name brands. These companies are usually all about cutting corners wherever they can – at the expense of quality.
  • Smoking might not be off-limits in their vehicles – even if you're the driver. So non-smokers could be stuck with a driver who smokes.
  • Cheap companies may skimp on cleaning costs, which means that the vehicle won't smell too great when it arrives. You might feel like you're riding in a smelly cab rather than a limousine.
  • Drivers hired by cheap companies may not have very good driving records. Consequently, they might not pay as much attention to the road as they should.
  • Drivers who talk on the phone the entire ride are not available to their riders for questions or to handle other small details of a quality limousine experience. Once again, cheap companies typically cut corners by hiring drivers who don't care about their customers.
  • Cheap limousine companies might not have all the necessary permits to be in business. All limousines are supposed to be licensed and registered as such. If you're riding in a limousine that doesn't have the proper permits, you could face delays or lose your money (and your ride) outright if the driver gets caught by authorities.
  • Cheap companies may not be able to guarantee that they will arrive on time to pick you up or that you will get to your destination on time. The reason for this is two-fold. Of course they may have hired drivers who are underpaid and don't care, and also they probably don't have GPS in their vehicles, so there's a good chance their drivers get lost frequently.
  • Some companies even hire drivers who do not speak your native language. It's impossible for these drivers to give you recommendations or to help you in any way because you won't be able to understand each other.

Of course there are plenty of other problems you could run into with cheap limousine companies. Some problems are so strange we wouldn't even be able to list them here. So before you book with any company, spend some time looking into their reputation. Make sure that you're getting quality service.

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