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Wedding Planning Tips for the Mother of the Bride or Groom

February 18th, 2014

There aren't many people who are more excited about planning a wedding than the bride and groom - except maybe their moms.

This can be a really fun, exciting time to share with your child and their intended spouse.

Use these tips to help you enjoy the process and keep the peace.

#1 - Be Clear About Budgets

You don't want to squash their excitement right off the bat. You do need to be clear that there are limits when it comes to what you can pay, though.

If the happy couple will be footing the bill themselves, then it's good for you, mom! You can skip to the next section.

If not, then first have a talk with your own spouse about how much you can afford to contribute. Then talk with the future bride and groom. Let them know that you are happy to help them out financially, and be clear on exactly how much you are able to spend toward their big day.

#2 - Don't Be a Momzilla

When it comes to helping with the wedding plans, you may want to tread lightly. Of course, you can feel this situation out based on your current relationship with your son or daughter and their fiancée.

Offer to help with whatever they like, and wait to see how they respond. If there is a particular area of the wedding plans that interest you, let them know.

Try not to take over, though. The key is to be interested, supportive and helpful, without being demanding or controlling.

#3 - Dress the Part

Choosing your dress can be one of the most fun parts of the wedding. When you are planning your shopping trip, invite your daughter (or future daughter-in-law) to go along.

Keep a couple basic rules of thumb in mind when you are choosing your dress. First, match your dress to the style and formality of the wedding.

If this will be a formal, evening affair, go ahead and dress in floor length black velvet. However, if this will be a more casual event, like a beachfront wedding, you will need to adjust your clothing choice accordingly.

Second, coordinate with the mother of your future in-law. You don't need to match, but you should be dressed in somewhat similar styles. Of course, never wear white to any wedding but your own.

#4 - Review the Guest List

Sit down with your offspring and their intended to discuss their plans for the guest list. You should, of course, be welcome to invite your own nearest and dearest.

Depending on the budget and the couple's wishes for the size of the wedding, you may need to be willing to trim your list a bit.

Consider making a list of everyone you would like to invite, and highlight the absolute must have guests. This gives an easy visual assessment of where you can be flexible on the guest list.

#5 - Prioritize

Choose which details and issues are most important to you, and focus on making those your requests to the bride and groom.

The bride and groom have a lot on their plates, so you don't want to add to their stress with a million requests. Your wishes are important, though, so feel free to voice your feelings on a few matters that are important to you.

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