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Wedding Planning Steps That Can Wait

March 10th, 2014

When you get engaged, your mind is probably swirling with all of the things that you need to do to plan your wedding.

There are plenty of things that you need to get started on soon, but there also some things that can wait.

Check out the wedding planning steps that can wait.

#1 – Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Many brides think that the first thing they should do is call their friends and ask them to be bridesmaids. However, the truth is that this step can wait. Wait a little while and let the initial drama die down.

If you are planning your wedding pretty far in advance, you may even find that the people who were close to you when you first got engaged aren’t necessarily your besties come the wedding date, two years later.

Go ahead and take a little time before you choose your bridesmaids.

#2 – Buying a Dress

You should purchase your wedding dress six to eight months before the wedding.

Most brides plan their wedding at least a year in advance, so you don’t need to head straight to the dress shop after accepting the ring.

Look around online, flip through magazines, and take some time to just browse. You may realize that you like something different than what you initially had in mind.

#3 – The Seating Chart

You will need to come up with a guest list fairly soon so that you have an approximate head count.

This is important because you need to know how many guests you should budget for and whether a venue will hold all of them.

The seating chart can wait, though. There is no sense in creating a seating chart until after you have received all of the RSVP cards.

#4 – Picking the Music

You will need to choose whether you will hire a band or deejay fairly early in the process of planning your wedding. Choosing particular songs for the ceremony and reception can wait, though.

You can really wait until the final week before the wedding to make your final decision about the reception playlist.

#5 – Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid dresses can really set the tone for the wedding.

Wait until you have settled on a theme and decided what kind of look you want for your wedding before you order bridesmaid dresses, because they can really impact the overall look of the wedding.

#6 – Booking the Honeymoon

If you have your heart set on going on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, you should book your travel about six to eight months in advance.

However, many couples are waiting until a little while after the wedding to go on their honeymoon. If you don’t mind putting it off a few weeks or months, you can hold off on planning the honeymoon.

This is a nice option, because it removes the stress of planning a wedding and a major vacation at the same time.

#7 – Picking Flowers

You should book your florist and negotiate a contract early on, but you don’t need to pick the actual types of flowers that you want until much later.

Talk to your florist about what types of flowers are likely to be available on your wedding date, and set aside photos of flowers that you like.

You can wait until a few weeks before the wedding to finalize the floral details.

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