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Wedding Planning Tips for Grooms

October 25th, 2013

Once you have gotten down on bended knee and asked the love of your life to be your bride, the focus of all attention usually shifts pretty quickly to the bride.

Traditionally, the wedding day is considered to be the bride's big day, and she is usually responsible for all of the planning leading up to that day. Times, they are changing. These days, many grooms want to be more involved in the planning of the wedding. After all, it is their big day, too.

If you are a modern groom who wants to share in the excitement of planning your wedding, check out these tips to help you get involved and play an important role in this special time. Your bride will thank you.

  1. Voice your opinion. You may not necessarily have a strong feeling about every single detail, but you can share your feelings on the checklist items that do interest you. Is there a particular band that you prefer? Would you like to choose the wedding day transportation - say, a stretch Hummer limo? Your wedding day should be a reflection of the combined tastes of the bride and groom, so get involved and offer some opinions.
  2. Grab a scanner and start filling up the wedding registry. At what other time in your life will you get to pick out all the gifts that you want someone to buy for you? This is a fun opportunity, so don't pass it up. The wedding registry doesn't have to be limited to blenders and bath towels. You could add a big TV, camping equipment, or power tools to outfit the home you will share.
  3. You don't have to give in every time. You know what they say-happy wife, happy life. But that doesn't mean that you have to be a pushover. Try to find a happy medium on things that you both have to live with, like agreeing on the color of the bath towels, but omitting the frilly lace edges.
  4. Help your bride out by relieving some stress. Initially, wedding planning is fun and exciting. Before long, though, the stress begins to creep in, and it isn't as much fun as it was at first. Since most of the responsibilities fall to the bride, try to ease her stress level by doing something small, but thoughtful for her. Make dinner for her, and stay in and watch a favorite movie together. Better yet, offer to step in and take over whatever task is stressing her out.
  5. Run interference. Is your mom/dad/sister/brother/best friend driving your bride crazy? The last thing you need leading up to the wedding day is fighting between the families. Step in and smooth things out.
  6. Take care of the clothing arrangements for the groomsmen. Make sure that everyone gets in to the tailor and that all of the details, like shoes, cufflinks, and ties, are sorted out well in advance. Remind your guys of fittings so that everything is taken care of before the big day.

Getting involvedin these details is good for you and your bride. You'll earn big points for helping out, and you'll get to have your say on some of the details that you otherwise would've been clueless about. One great way for grooms to participate is by picking out the wedding day transportation.

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