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Why Many Executives Choose Limousine for their Business Travel

July 23rd, 2013

A limousine can remove a great deal of the stress and strain involved in business travel. Whether you are planning a business trip to Toronto or have an associate or business partner travelling in for a conference or meeting, a limousine can provide a great first impression and create a calm environment to optimize your business efforts.

We have all experienced the stress and strain of air travel. Not only can the journey be exhausting but once you have landed you have to deal with the crowds struggling to retrieve their carry-on luggage before you can disembark the plane, the lines and queues for luggage, customs and security.

This stress can be lessened with the professional arrival of a chauffeur waiting for your client or colleague in the arrivals lounge. They can then make their way to the limousine and enjoy a journey of peace and tranquility without having to worry about hiring a vehicle, finding a taxicab, negotiating unfamiliar roads or juggling their luggage. This can then allow them to create a positive frame of mind to conduct their business in Toronto.

Many limousines also have the facility for your business associate to complete paperwork or work in the vehicle. This allows them to maximize their available time and shows them that you appreciate them taking time out of their schedule to visit.

This type of car service has a great many benefits. These include:

  • Creates a great and professional first impression: Nothing says style like a limousine. With models available from sedans to stretch limousines, all party sizes can be accommodated with sophistication and style. This allows you to make a professional first impression for your clients or colleagues.
  • Ensuring you or your client and associates arrive at meetings or conferences on time. Public transportation is renowned for having delays which can cause stress and frustration when you are due at meetings. A limousine service will arrive promptly and the experienced chauffeurs have full local knowledge of problem areas for traffic issues or road work delays. This will ensure you don't waste valuable time sat around in traffic.
  • Removes the worry of having to find parking in an unfamiliar city for a hire vehicle. It can be stressful enough negotiating around unfamiliar streets, let alone when you need to find parking for a hire vehicle. This can not only be costly but remarkably frustrating which may have you or your associate arriving to a meeting or conference flustered.
  • Promotes a relaxed and unstressed mental attitude which is essential for successful negotiations and engaging details of meetings or conferences. Relaxing or spending time going through notes or essential details while travelling can be a great way to facilitate successful negotiations or meetings. Being chauffeur driven in a comfortable environment allows passengers to collect their thoughts and focus on the business events of the forthcoming day.
  • Provides a mobile office to conduct reviews of meeting data or conference information. Many vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies which make them a comfortable environment to work while travelling to conferences or meetings. This optimizes your use of time and ensures that your visitors to Toronto feel their time has been spent productively.

When organizing your business travel to Toronto, a limousine is a sensible and practical choice. It can be extremely cost effective when considered against the cost of hire vehicles, parking or taxi cabs.

5 Star Limousine provide limousine services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you need a stretch limousine, a ride to the airport, or a special transportation to certain places, we'll be there. You can also choose from a variety of options inside their vehicles, like a flat screen TV, bar, DVD player, leather seats, and even fiber optic lighting. Check out our limousine fleet.

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