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Your Wedding Day - The Questions You Didn't Know You Should Ask

December 18th, 2013

Planning your wedding is a big job, and it can feel overwhelming. You may realize that there are questions that you have that you didn't know you should ask ahead of time.

These answers will help prepare you so that you are ready for everything on your wedding day.

#1 - When Should I Remove My Veil?

You can wear your veil all night if you want to. If you think it might get uncomfortable or be in the way while you are dancing, there are two times that are best for removing your veil.

The first time is right after the ceremony (after you are done with photos, of course). Ask your hairdresser to show you how to remove it without messing up your hair; you may want to enlist a bridesmaid to help you with this task.

The other prime time to remove your veil is after your first dance with your groom. This way, you get those beautiful photos of your first dance with your entire wedding ensemble in place.

Once you remove your veil, you can keep it in your hotel room or use it to decorate your chair or table. If you are worried about getting it dirty, putting it in your hotel room is your safest option.

#2 - How Will My Wedding Party Get From the Ceremony to the Reception?

Make sure that you work this out ahead of time so that people aren't standing around in the parking lot wondering how they are getting to the reception.

If you want a private trip to the reception venue with your new spouse, you can get an intimate, vintage Rolls Royce limousine for two.

Your bridal party can drive over on their own, or you can get a separate stretch limo for them. If you want to share the trip with your wedding party so you can all celebrate together, you can get a limo party bus for everyone to ride over together.

#3 - Do I Actually Need Help Holding Up My Dress So I Can Pee?

Sorry, but the answer is probably yes. It depends on your dress, of course. If you have a very simple dress that doesn't have a million layers, then you can probably handle this on your own.

But if you have a big ball gown or lots of layers of tulle, you're going to need some help. You can get Spanx made just for this purpose that have a strategically placed hole so you don't have to remove quite so many layers of undergarments.

#4 - What Is the Appropriate Way to Kiss After Saying I Do?

Go with what feels right at that moment, but don't go overboard.

There should be no visible tongue, and you shouldn't make your guests feel uncomfortable.

You can certainly offer more than a peck, though.

#5 - What Do I Do With My Engagement Ring During the Ceremony?

There are a couple of choices. You can wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony, and move it over to your left hand after the ceremony is over.

The other option is to have someone else hold onto your engagement ring for you until the ceremony is over.

#6 - Who Should Lift My Veil?

You don't have to wear a veil at all, or you can wear it turned back for the entire ceremony. If you do wear it over your face, your dad can lift it and turn it back when he kisses you.

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